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Our purpose is grounded in our four core values: Pioneering, Honorable, Responsive and Committed.

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Our Purpose

Balancing the principles of fairness, integrity, and sustainability to operate transparently and responsibly, Arcapita’s values create the foundation of who we are, where we focus, and how we partner. These values provide us a unique vantage point to grow and pursue new opportunities with diverse perspectives

Our strong ethical compass fosters partnerships with our stakeholders, creating an environment that results in excellence and delivers impactful value across investments.


This speaks to our decades of experience. Resilient through market volatility, we are investment vanguards, always seeking to develop new products and offerings. We believe that our forward-thinking approach allows us to identify and pursue opportunities that create impactful value for tomorrow by being the pioneers of Shari’ah investments.


We pride ourselves in being ethical in everything we do, and transparent at every stage of the investment process. We do what we say we will and our reputation for integrity is paramount. As markets shift, we move with trusted flexibility built on integrity and collaborative excellence.


We are attentive and dedicated to our clients. Resourceful and relationship-driven, we strive to be anticipatory and keep our stakeholders front and center. Our boutique services bring together diverse expert perspectives and a breadth of insights that generate value across markets.


We are dedicated and reliable partners who can always be counted on. We are resourceful and responsible partners committed to creating new investment realities; we prioritize the success of all our stakeholders.