Our Clients

We work with our clients to achieve their investment goals and financial well-being through an innovative alternative investment approach.

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We build the right mix of investments by asset class, sector focus, and geography to match investor demand.

We serve a broad network of diverse investors from across the globe, primarily from the following four segments:

  • Institutions: large, sophisticated investment groups that include pension funds, university endowments, asset managers and insurance companies
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF): state-owned investments that invest in real and financial assets on a global scale
  • Family Offices: professional entities set up to manage the investments, business affairs and philanthropic interests of high-net-worth families
  • High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs): individuals with investable assets


We employ a well-rounded Investors Relationship Management (IRM) team consisting of qualified professionals with deep experience in relationship management.

The IRM team is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships within our network of investors and potential investors. The IRM team members are the primary liaisons with clients, delivering portfolio updates and presenting new investment opportunities. This group is also the first point of contact for investment opportunities that may be sourced from clients or potential clients.

The IRM team plays an important role in shaping the direction of our transaction flow, gathering views and opinions from a wide range of investors within the region, which assist in ensuring that our deal flow aligns with investor appetite. Consequently, we are able to build the right mix of asset class, sector focus and geography to match investor demand.

Investor Services

We provide a number of investor services to our clients, principally designed to improve investor communications and provide our investors with personalized and efficient services.

Information Infrastructure

We operate a technology-driven marketing system to plan, execute, and monitor investment placement campaigns. In addition to providing investors with personalized service, the system has been designed to motivate and encourage teamwork and cooperation between members of the IRM team. We also operate, an integrated financial reporting system that allows our investors to stay updated on the performance of their investment portfolio. The investor services function endeavors to provide the IRM team with the support necessary, to respond to investors’ queries and requests in a timely manner.