Culture of
Excellence & Inclusion

A collegial, family-like culture that fosters an inclusive, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment.

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We could not be the firm we are today without our people. Our culture is one that honors each individual.

Arcapita promotes a vision of high value returns and fosters a progressive environment of success and growth to enable our teams to perform at the highest level. We pride ourselves on attracting exceptional global talent and as a result we adopt an inclusive, agile, and progressive culture that brings out the best in our people. Our teams are highly skilled and have a genuine passion for what they do. We believe diversity is key to creating a culture of excellence. With a variety of perspectives, our team offer truly collaborative and diverse experiences which shape our culture. We bring minds and ideas together to offer a unique and leading perspective that guides our success.



We pride ourselves in celebrating a dynamic culture while balancing foundational principles of fairness and integrity.


Our people care about what they do and are open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.


Our people have a collective alignment of the firm’s vision and support each other to achieve it.


A key strength for the firm is that our people are enterprising, organized individuals that are proficient in creative and effective solutions.


Our culture encourages seamless collaboration across teams and locations.